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TID started the summer water on April 13th, 2020. 

The TID water right certificates are divided up into what we call ‘Seasons’. These seasons limit the amount of water we are legally allowed to deliver even if it is available in excess.  The seasons are divided as follows.

April 1 to May 1st                                             35% flow cap

May 1 to May 15th                                           50% flow cap

May 15 to Sept 15th                                        100% flow cap

Sept 15 to Oct 1st                                             50% flow cap

Oct 1 to Nov 1st                                                 35% flow cap

These percentages are approximate for discussion, and they are a cap to what we can deliver. 

Our other cap is what water is available to deliver.  TID can only deliver what it receives, our job is to ensure we deliver a fair and equitable division of the water we receive, as per our water rights.

Our goal this year will be to deliver about 70% flows in the May 15th to Sept 15th season as we did last summer.  This amount is what we predict we will have available; it is a prediction and subject to adjustment.

Today, we are delivering 35%.

On May 1st we will attempt to deliver as close to 50% as we can depending on the snow melt.

On May 15th we will attempt to deliver 70%.


Thank You


Ken Rieck