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TID is pleased to welcome Jack Farley to the Board of Directors

As discussed at the November 20th Special board meeting, the election held on November 14, 2017 resulted in a tie vote between Shirley DeMaris and Jack Farley and it was decided that at the next Regular board meeting on December 14, 2017 the Board would decide on a “fair and impartial” procedure for deciding who wins. The method of rolling dice was determined to be both fair and impartial by the Board.

The District provided a new, unopened package of dice with each dice numbered 1 through 6. The District election official, Office Manager April Harris Spath opened the new package of dice and allowed the challenger, John (Jack) Farley to choose two dice, which were then handed to the incumbent, Shirley DeMaris. The incumbent, Shirley DeMaris, rolled the two dice and the sum of the two dice added together was seven.  The challenger, Jack Farley, then rolled the same two dice. The sum of the two dice added together was nine.  With the highest number rolled, Jack Farley won the election.